The Black Dragon (黑龍) is a Chinese-American criminal organization and street gang that was formed by Chinese immigrants. 黑龍 was started by the family who united disparate groups and like-minded people to protect themselves from other gangs. After the death of the founders of the syndicate, control and power passed to their twin daughters.

The Black Dragon operated in many cities, but focused operations in Omerta City. They may sometimes be identified by the colors black and gray worn by the gang's members as well as an abundance of tattoos.

The Black Dragon preyed on the other gangs as a source of income and is unique compared to other Asian crime groups as they were involved in both organized and street-level crime. They fiercely protected and covered every member of the gang. The revenue from organized crime came mainly from extorting brothels, prostitution, money laundering, the distribution of narcotics, counterfeiting merchandise, trafficking and blackmailing. At street-level, the gang was involved in a wide range of crimes that included murder, robbery, and home invasion. In general the gang was engaged in everything that could bring money and power in any way.

The Black Dragon's influence was very strong. After a while, as it should have happened - the gang gained the attention of federal authorities and police because of their involvement in violent criminal activities. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) opened a case against the Black Dragons. The hunt for the gang and especially their leaders continues to this day. It is true that no one knows what will happen next.

  • Some members are known felons.
  • Founded by a large group of sisters.
  • Known to flex financial power.