Empire Spa & Treatment

Empire Spa & Treatment:

The Omerta Properties Group  is needed to access the Empire Spa & Treatment Facility. [ Member Fee: 500L ]

At the Empire Spa, we believe everyone deserves effective proven results to incorporate relaxation and in return, refresh the delicate body and mind. This newly renovated spa, in room 600 of the Empire Hotel, is now your new favorite members only destination. The Empire Spa has trained giving practitioners that provide spa services designed to improve the well being of members. Whether it is for a thirty minutes or a full hour, our members are sure to experience complete wellness and live their best life. From the first moment you enter the doors of Empire Spa, you'll appreciate the comforts of this elegant and well crafted retreat.

Known for a unique steamy design, custom sounds, and exotic luxuries, the Empire Spa provides the go to experience for true relaxation. The Empire Spa has everything needed for you to enjoy a full virtual revival and grounding. Members are sure to be impressed by the Empire Spa staff who lay the foundation of beautiful new memories with you and loved ones. Requesting to book a service through the online contact form is sure to be simple ~ as our talented Hotel staff will reach out to help confirm which services, date and time you do desire!

Service Background:

The Empire Spa offers three very high quality massages with unique experiences associated with each one. In addition to the massage services provided we have a passionate meditation and hynotherapist who specialises in using voice guided instruction and relaxation for members. With our unique services at the Empire Spa & Treatment Facility, we are sure to provide you that unique experience and soon to be memories that last a lifetime. Please take a look at the services and pricing below along with the descriptions to get a better idea of our solutions for your virtual well being.

You can have Empire massage services while wearing swim trunks, swim suit, or towel. The Empire spa changing room will provide a towel in most worst case scenarios. If you prefer to wear your own clothing, please make sure it’s thin, loose, and allows the therapist access to your muscles. Loose shorts and a tank top are available options.

Booking a reservation with the Empire Spa for a couples massage offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a relaxing experience with your partner. With personalized massages, side-by-side tables, and the chance to bond and communicate during the session, it's a delightful way to unwind together. Beyond the immediate benefits of relaxation, couples massage can alleviate tension, reduce stress, improve circulation, and enhance overall well-being. Treat yourselves to this luxurious experience, prioritize your health, and create lasting memories at Empire Spa.

  • Empire Full Body Massage: ($4,000L / 30 Minutes / Couples)
  • Experience the transformative Empire Full Body Massage, where skilled hands expertly manipulate your soft tissues, improving circulation and promoting deep relaxation. With gentle strokes and targeted pressure, knots dissolve, tension fades, and muscles embrace newfound flexibility. Stimulating nerves throughout your body releases blissful endorphins, melting away stress and nurturing your emotional well-being. Discover the pinnacle of rejuvenation with the Empire Full Body Massage—an extraordinary sanctuary for your body and mind.

  • Voice-Guided Meditation or Hypnotherapy Package: ($7,500L / 30 Minutes / Couples)
  • At the Empire Spa, we understand the importance of connecting with your true nature and finding inner peace. That's why we offer a selection of transformative services, including both voice-guided meditation and voice hypnotherapy. Whether you prefer to explore the depths of your mind through meditation or tap into the power of your subconscious with hypnotherapy, we have the perfect session to suit your needs. To learn more about our voice-guided meditation and voice hypnotherapy services, we invite you to contact the Empire Spa or speak with our attentive hotel management team. Take the first step toward a more balanced and harmonious life by exploring the transformative power of your own voice. Rediscover your inner peace and unlock your limitless potential at the Empire Spa today.

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Policy Information:

Cancellation Policy: We understand that circumstances may arise that require you to cancel your appointment. However, if you decide to cancel your appointment within three days of the scheduled date, we regret to inform you that we won't be able to issue a refund. We kindly request that cancellations be made at least three days in advance to avoid this policy.

No-Show Policy: In the event of a no-show, where you miss your scheduled appointment without prior notice, we will not be able to provide a refund. We allocate valuable resources and time for our scheduled appointments, and a no-show can disrupt our operations.

Late Arrival Grace Period: We value your time and strive to provide a seamless experience. Therefore, we offer a 15-minute grace period for late arrivals. If you're running a bit behind schedule, you have up to 15 minutes from the appointment time to arrive without any negative impact on your service. Please note that after this grace period, the standard policies will apply.

Right to Decline Service: We take pride in providing a safe and respectful environment for both our customers and our staff. We reserve the right to decline service to any individual who engages in disrespectful, inappropriate, or disruptive behavior.

Reschedule Policy: We understand that unexpected situations can arise, leading to the need for rescheduling. In such cases, we allow rescheduling with a rescheduling fee. This fee covers the administrative and operational costs associated with adjusting our schedule to accommodate your request.

Melody and Crystal, the massage therapists at Empire Spa were absolutely wonderful! They were kind, welcoming, and incredibly skilled. The traditional couples massage was so relaxing and rejuvenating. We left feeling completely refreshed. Highly recommend!

Our visit to Empire Spa was fantastic. The massage therapists were friendly and attentive, delivering a soothing traditional couples massage. The spa's beauty and ambiance made it a delightful retreat. Highly recommended for a peaceful escape!