Vitali's Restaurant

Take a cab to Vitali's Restaurant.

Vitali's is a romantic dining venue with a beautiful atmosphere, talented staff, and excellent entertainment. The restaurant provides a photogenic environment to truly enjoy quality time with loved ones. Reservations are available for the live dining experience everyone is yapping about. Located in the luxurious Empire Hotel, Vitali's gives its guests access to plenty of additional venues to enjoy and partake in.

Vitalis was brought together by a group of brothers with an American dream. After years of work Vitalis grew to become the top restaurant experience. The Italian Mafia was known to eat at Vitali's during 1915-1923 giving the restaurant many titles over the years, such as gruesome, high paced, and dangerous. After forming into an authentic Italian restaurant with the help of head chef Gennaro Contaldo and fellow Italian chef Antonio Carluccio, we have earned new titles that don't lack the luster. Welcome to Vitali's! The original and exclusive best dining experience since 1915. Known best for the professional customer service, exquisite cuisine, and romantic atmosphere ~ you are bound to enjoy the best rooted Italian dining experience around the grid. We thank our regulars and the donors we like to call our Originals.

With a more than comfortable atmosphere, this classic dining experience will truly guide your inner soul towards happiness. You can usually find piano being played, while the bar stays active in the evenings. Besides being a legendary venue inside the Empire Omerta Hotel, this fine eating establishment is actually award winning for years running. We hope that you contact an acting manager to book your reservation to enjoy an evening out. For a less serious outing please visit and enjoy our bar at all times. We look forward to providing you our award winning service!

Non-Member Pricing Breakdown:
  • $1,000L [Per Person] [Party of 1-4]
  • $2,000L [Per Person] [Party of 5-10]


    The Omerta Properties Group  is needed to access the membership pricing. [ Member Fee: 500L ]

  • $750L [Per Person] [Party of 1-4]
  • $1,500L [Per Person] [Party of 5-10]

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Policy Information:

Cancellation Policy: We understand that circumstances may arise that require you to cancel your appointment. However, if you decide to cancel your appointment within three days of the scheduled date, we regret to inform you that we won't be able to issue a refund. We kindly request that cancellations be made at least three days in advance to avoid this policy.

No-Show Policy: In the event of a no-show, where you miss your scheduled appointment without prior notice, we will not be able to provide a refund. We allocate valuable resources and time for our scheduled appointments, and a no-show can disrupt our operations.

Late Arrival Grace Period: We value your time and strive to provide a seamless experience. Therefore, we offer a 15-minute grace period for late arrivals. If you're running a bit behind schedule, you have up to 15 minutes from the appointment time to arrive without any negative impact on your service. Please note that after this grace period, the standard policies will apply.

Right to Decline Service: We take pride in providing a safe and respectful environment for both our customers and our staff. We reserve the right to decline service to any individual who engages in disrespectful, inappropriate, or disruptive behavior.

Reschedule Policy: We understand that unexpected situations can arise, leading to the need for rescheduling. In such cases, we allow rescheduling with a rescheduling fee. This fee covers the administrative and operational costs associated with adjusting our schedule to accommodate your request.

Extras Offerings:
  • $1,000L ~ Heart Balloons & Decoration
  • $1,000L ~ Birthday Decor & Cake
  • $1,500L ~ Custom Name Heart Pillow
  • $1,500L ~ Custom Name Picture Frames
  • $7,500L ~ Special Live Musician

Accompaniment "Blind Date Service" $7,500L

Our approach involves gathering your preferences and the qualities you're looking for in a potential partner. We will then go the extra mile to arrange a wonderful blind date at Vitali's Restaurant for a delightful dinner experience. Vitali's is a charming venue that not only creates new memories but also offers plenty of conversation starters, making it an ideal choice for a memorable first date. This is the unique opportunity we provide—an opportunity for love to blossom! After the dinner, the decision to bid farewell or extend the evening by inviting your date to continue the conversation over drinks, dance, and exploration at The Empire Hotel is entirely up to you! 😊

This virtual dining experience is among the best I've encountered in Second Life. The attention to detail in the food, ambiance, and service truly elevates the experience. It's a must-try if you haven't had the pleasure yet.

The pleasant ambiance created by the piano and soothing music stream adds a delightful touch that keeps drawing me back for more. I wholeheartedly recommend Vitalis to everyone seeking a memorable experience.

I felt connected to reality during my stay at Empire Hotel's presidential suite. The ambiance, furniture, and room service were fantastic. Celebrating with my companion was perfect, and the dining experience at Vitali's Restaurant was remarkable. The extraordinary butler, Sir Lux, took care of us, enhancing the evening. Impeccable service and formal attire reflected the establishment's high level.

The exquisite decorations and music created a magical experience. Thank you for crafting something remarkable. I'll be returning many times; it's already one of my favorites! The talent and attention to detail deserve compliments. In my 16 years in Second Life, I've never seen a sim developed with such precision, especially in my favorite era!